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Oil Painting, Patgona Beach, Tree houses,

The Treehouse, Patonga Beach, Oil Painting.  It was lovely to see boys doing things that boys should be doing. 76cm x 76cm

Oil Painting, Cottage Point Kiosk, River scenes, Cottage Point, Cowan Creek

Cottae Point Kiosk, Cottage Point. Oil Painting.  The Kiosk, on Cowan Creek, great food, The owners Trent and Ange, lovely. it breathes history of living on the Haweskday Rivers past. 64cm x 69cm

Hawkesbury River painting, Oil painting, Smiths Creek painting, reflections painting

Smiths Creek, Reflections, When you see a scene on the water, you know you will never see the same scene.  That scene is yours and only yours in a flash of your eye. - Oil Painting 91cm x  76cm

Oil Painting, Yacht painting, Hawkesbury river painting,

There is a quote out of 'Wind in the Willows' and on the Hawkesbury River your can live this quote 'there is nothing-absolutely nothing-half so much doing as simple messing about in boats. - Oil Painting 51cm x 46cm

The Red Beret, Watercolour, portrait, yachting painting, Sydey Heritage Fleet painting
Refuge Bay Yachts, misty mornings, Oil Painting, Hawkesbury river, Yacht paintings,

Refuge Bay - Morning Mists, Another scene on the Hawkesbury River, These flashes in time can never been repeated, not the same lights or darks.  Not the same mists or the same boats.  Oil on Canvas. 107cm x 76cm

Church Point Pastel, boat painting, Scotland Island, Church Point painting,

The bright sunlight shines on the water, boats lie at rest on the sand, around the corner is Church Point and the ferry pier to Scotland Island, on the Pittwater. Pastel Painting.

Brisbane Waters painting, Pastel painting, sunset painting, Gosford

Brisbane Waters, Gosford Powerboat club, across the water the sun sets sending up purple, blues and golden light into the sky.  A lone powerboat is wending its way home - Pastel on paper


Cottage Point Sunset - Pastel 56cm x 40cm

Oil painting, Seagul painting, fish painting, oil painting

At Bobbin Head, the fish hover below the walkway waiting for snacks from the restaurant patronage. they look like  they are floating in the air, with the wishful Seagull.  - Oil on Board.

Pastel Painting, Boat painting, Brooklyn bridge, River painting,

From Dangar Island, looking up the Hawkesbury River, to the Brooklyn Bridge spans as the setting glistens on the water. - Pastel Paintng

Yacht painting, pastel painting, pastel drawing, Rhodesian painting

Lake Mclwaine, Zimbabwe, I wanted the colours to make the viewer feel the warmth of the day, a hopeful sailer on a calm water.  Pastel painting


Sunset - Hawkesbury River 67cm x 50cm Framed

Oil painting, seagull painting,

Seagull, Hawkesbury River- Oil on Canvas

Pittwater sailing ADJUSTED 2.jpg

Pittwater Sailing - Oil on Marine ply 106cm x 56cm

Oil Painting, Opera Carriage works,

After the Opera at  Carriage works a light drizzle was falling, sending light bouncing off the side walk. 
The couple were going home walking under the street lights, towards the glow in the distance.  Oil on Canvas. 61cm x 61cm

Oil Painting, Darling Harbour painting, Rain reflections, rain paintings, Sydney pai
QVB Building, Queen Victoria painting, Watercolour painting,

Play for me - Queen Victoria, George Street, Sydney  - Watercolour

Graphite drawing, pastel painting, pencil painting, Sydney, George Street

Play for me - Queen Victoria, George Street Sydney - Graphite, charcoal and pastel on paper.

Darling Harbour in the rain. Walking to work, in the soft fall, occasional runners and children passing by. Part of the heart beat of Sydney. Oil on Canvas 61cm x 76cm

Reflections, George Street, Oil on Canvas. 60cm x 79cm

Paris painting, Oil painting, Montmartre painting, French Cafe painting, French restaurant painting

The Letter - Montmartre, Paris - Oil on Canvas. 120m x 84cm

Fishermen of Po Toi Island, Hong Kong - Oil Painting. 73 x 63 framed

Oil painting, Po Toi Fishermen, Hong Kong,
Oil Painting, Musician, Pipa Lute, portrait
The Fan - Oil on Canvas, portrait

The Lady of Cheung Chau, Oil Painting. 56cm x 66cm framed

Lama Island, Hong Kong, oil painting

The Fisher Family of Lama Island, Hong Kong. Oil on Canvas 101cm x 71cm- framed

Music Man - Oil on Canvas.jpg

Music Man - Hong Kong Cheung Chau Oil on Canvas 70cm x 49cm

Kookaburra Call 61cm x 77cm Framed


Possum delight- Pastel 36cm x 36cm

Sir Ernest Fisk, Prime Minister Hughes, Australian History, first radio message to Australia

In 1918 the first radio message to Australia was from from Prime Minister Hughes of Australia who was in Carnarvon,Wales to Sir Ernest Fisk in in Wahroonga, NSW.  His message was to the people of Australia about the Australian troops who saved Amiens in France from the Germans - Watercolour


Nude - Graphite 77cm x 60cm Framed

Impala painting, Pastel painting,
Oil Painting, sunset painting,

At the end of the day on a dam, the earth is quiet, breathing out the day, waiting for the dark. Oil on Canvas-74cm x 63cm framed.

Lord of the Day Pastels 91cm x 61cm  Framed

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